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    Easy to use by just swapping out the text and images.

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  • 80+ downloadable slides

    Easy to use by just swapping out the text and images.

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  • “Quick fix” guide

    A printable guide full of clever ways to improve common slide layouts.

  • Font recommendations guide

    A printable guide of my favorite fonts and when to use them.

Slides + video available in Complete Package

Premium Slide Breakdowns

Part 1

I’ll show you how to create clean and professional slides by improving the layout and appearance of an existing presentation.

  1. Fixing the title slide

    Get started by applying some simple design techniques to the title slide.

  2. Laying out images

    Explore a number of ways to lay out a slide with 3 images and a text box.

  3. Making it visual

    Use SmartArt and other tools to fix a text-heavy layout.

  4. Working with graphs

    Learn some clever tricks for improving the style and appearance of a line graph.

  5. Working with charts

    Use a combination of tools to take a bar chart to the next level.

Part 2

I’ll break down some of my favorite presentations and show you the advanced techniques I used to achieve certain effects.

  1. Slide breakdown - Paris

    Use the morph transition to create impressive animations between slides.

  2. Slide breakdown - Flight

    Learn some advanced editing tricks to give text a frosted glass effect.

  3. Slide breakdown - Drilling for Oil

    Explore some creative techniques for animating and illustrating slides.

  4. Slide breakdown - EmojiChat

    Push PowerPoint to its limit to create a pair of animated 3D phones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for?

My templates are general, so whether you’re a student presenting to your class, or a professional presenting to a client or investor, I think you’ll find them useful.

What if I use Google Slides?

All my templates are provided as PowerPoint files. With that being said, you may still find them useful as inspiration regardless of which presentation software you use—but everything I provide is intended for use in PowerPoint.

How do I use the templates?

It’s super easy. Download the template, open it in PowerPoint, and replace the text and images with your own. That’s it!

For some of the premium templates, there may be some more steps involved that I will explain in detail in the included videos.

Do I need a specific version of PowerPoint?

For the most part, any version of PowerPoint should work, but you’ll need support for the morph transition for the complete experience. Any version of PowerPoint from 2019 or after has it.

Can I buy this for an organization?

Sure! Send me an email at [email protected].

Who am I?

My name is Jacob. I’ve been making PowerPoints since back in high school, where my teachers and classmates knew me as the guy who made super over-the-top presentations.

Since then I’ve made a number of PowerPoints for clients, and today I share my knowledge for free on social media. I also provide a number of resources you can buy on this website.