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This isn’t your average PowerPoint course.

My goal is not to teach you how to use PowerPoint… it’s to teach you how to take your presentations to the next level.

Design great slides, without being a designer

I won’t waste your time teaching you how to save a file, or to change the color of a text box. I’ll assume you already know those things. Instead, I’ll show you a number of actionable, specific techniques you can use to impress your audience and make them ask, “You made that in PowerPoint?”

90 minutes of pure content

I designed the course to be short and to the point. Some courses come with hours and hours of video and act like that’s a good thing. Instead, this one is just 90 minutes long—it teaches you what you need to know as efficiently as possible, and leaves out everything else.

What you’ll get

90 minutes of video
Carefully shot and edited to teach you exactly what you need without any “hmms” or “uhhs.”
20+ downloadable slides
Download any slide featured in the course to understand how I made it, or to use it as is—no strings attached.
“Quick Fix” guide
As a bonus, get access to my pocket guide of before and after improvements to common layouts.
Font recommendations guide
You’ll also get access to my pocket guide of favorite fonts, along with recommendations on when to use them.

Course lessons

90 minutes of carefully edited video, divided into 2 sections.

Section 1

Learn step-by-step how to take a generic presentation and improve its layout and appearance.

  1. Fixing the title slide

    Get started by applying some simple design techniques to the title slide.

  2. Laying out images

    Explore a number of ways to lay out a slide with 3 images and a text box.

  3. Making it visual

    Use SmartArt and other tools to fix a text-heavy layout.

  4. Working with graphs

    Learn some clever tricks for improving the style and appearance of a line graph.

  5. Working with charts

    Use a combination of tools to take a bar chart to the next level.

Section 2

Watch me break down some of my favorite presentations and show you the advanced techniques I used to achieve certain effects.

  1. Slide breakdown - Paris

    Use the morph transition to create impressive animations between slides.

  2. Slide breakdown - Flight

    Learn some advanced editing tricks to give text a frosted glass effect.

  3. Slide breakdown - Drilling for Oil

    Explore some creative techniques for animating and illustrating slides.

  4. Slide breakdown - EmojiChat

    Push PowerPoint to its limit to create a pair of animated 3D phones.

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Learn how to take your presentations to the next level with simple tricks that anyone can do.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for?

This course is for people who already have a basic understanding of PowerPoint and are looking for ways to make their presentations more effective and engaging.

I’ll assume you already know how to save a file and insert a text box, and I’ll jump straight to teaching you how to take your presentations to the next level.

I’ve simplified everything you need into just 90 minutes of pure content—no rambling or wasting your time.

What if I use Google Slides?

Everything I teach in this course is done through PowerPoint. With that being said, a lot of it is general (e.g. how to lay out content) and you may still find it helpful regardless of which presentation software you use.

However, I will only explain things in terms of the tools available in PowerPoint; many of these tools do not have direct equivalents in other software.

Can I buy this for an organization?

Sure! Send me an email at [email protected].